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Tired of your party looking a lot like the other one?  Nothing is really going to change in D.C. unless we change the players.  If you're fed up with the candidate in your district, download the appropriate image/slogan that best fits you and let that politician know you've had enough of him/her!  You might even make money on this*...Reproduce the download for T-shirts, bumper stickers or just tape it to your screen door window to let "canvassers" know your serious about your "independent" stance!  It's only $1.00...Have political fun!    *(if you choose to do this, sending 7-10% of your proceeds for usage of the artwork would be a nice gesture in this age of greed....just a thought...it's up to you!)

For Republicans who are fed up...go to the Online Store and click on "Republicrat" for your download.
For Democrats that are fed up....go to the Online Store and click on "Demublican" for your download>

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